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事情要追溯到事发当天,下班前还显示账户状况为健康,当天一上班就发现有风险了。由于之前试过有账号一直显示有风险但都很久没被封店, 所以觉得有时间改。

让人意想不到的是,下午突然就收到了亚马逊的账号冻结通知,有风险提示仅一天不到!店铺是刚出单不到三个月的新店铺,尽管目前的单量可以让order defect为1%以下,但是按照亚马逊长期和短期的算法就超出了零点几个百分点,封店原因就是order defect超过1%。





Dear Amazon seller support:

This is * (店铺名) writing to you.

Thank you so much for your concern of our account. We just received anotification that our selling privilege has been removed because of the orderdefect rate is above 1%. Before receiving the performance review notification,we were exactly working on improving our customers satisfaction while shoppingin our store. We checked the Performance Metrics and noticed that our OrderDefect Rate and Valid Tracking Rate did not meet Amazons requirement. Here aredetailed reasons that we conclude from those problems and we would like toimprove all the way on Amazon selling to satisfy our customer and service goodproducts and communication:

ere are some pasts confused our customer during their use.

2.A few orders were missed when shipping which makes customer waitlong.

oduct information need to be updated in time for customers to choosetheir right product.

stomer service need to be more effective and in time for solvingcustomers problems.


As we are new seller on Amazon, we just sold our first item on -*, anduntil today we sold *** orders on Amazon. We thanks so much that Amazon canprovide such chance for us to delivery customers good products. And we areplanning to provide more quality products on Amazon and drive our sales to$*,*00,000 a month with **** orders, and grow % every month. However, wedid not that familiar with how to meet the performance standard, to this pointwe acknowledge it is our fault. We had updated details for listings andstandards of customer service for our stuff and promise to try our best toservice customers well on Amazon if we can get the permission to sell uld you please consider the account seller rating and the currant rapidlyincreasing sales in our store? We never got a negative feedback on our accountand there are still items waiting to be shipped into FBA on **day, hope youcould give us a chance to improve!


If we get the valuable selling chance on Amazon, we will do as follows:

1. Absolutely, we will learn through all the policies and rules aboutselling on your platform.

2. We will check the listings in our account to see if they provide enoughinformation for customers to make their right decisions.

3. We will focus on awaiting shipment items to customers. Double check toconfirm customers will have their satisfied items.

e FBA shipping service to give customer good shipping service. Educatestuff of our own warehouse to trible check awaiting shipping orders every day toconfirm all the products will on their way to customers.

nd out order problems automatically and solve them with customer within24 hours. Any complaints or product issues we will solve them in proper waywithin a day in favor of the customer's right.

6. We will build up our own ERP to manage the running for Amazon control customer services and shipping services with accurate data.


Sincerely, we write this. We will try our best to provide our sales believe Amazon will give this issue a serious consideration, and to us,there is a hope, a new chance for us! We will always provide good products andservices to customers on Amazon selling.


Look forward to receive your reply.

Best regards





We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we havedecided that you may sell on again. In our efforts to protect ourcommunity, we sometimes err on the side of caution. We are sorry for anyinconvenience this ncerely,Seller